Window Solar Screen Benefits In Cooling Your Place

Solar screen shades, as the name suggests is a mesh that blocks the sun. Once installed on a window, it helps in controlling the entry of the sun’s rays which aids in keeping the place cool.

All you need to do is screw the solar screen directly into your window frame. This way the sun’s heat is diffused right before entering the place. Solar screens not only control the entry of heat but also helps in UV protection and glare control without affecting the view.

There are three types:

· Light colored solar shades

· Dark colored solar shades

· High performance solar shades

*High performance solar shades provide maximum heat protection and is the most effective in keeping a place cool.

How Window Solar Screen Works

Solar screen shades are installed on the outer side of windows. It consists of a mesh that is made up of fiber glass coated with ultra violet rays resistant PVC. The material density of the solar screen accounts for the degree of thermal protection.

Maximum heat protection can be provided with the use of solar screens created using highly weaved material. A great amount of the sun’s rays will be reduced before it passes through the window. Thermal heat will be reflected back by the solar screen hence keeping the place cool.

There are varying intensity when comes to the shades of solar screens which ranges from dark to light. A darker solar screen gives the best view along with better glare reduction compared to the lighter ones. However, lighter solar screens are better with heat management. This can be determined by the shading coefficient numbers allowing you to decide according to requirement.

Why Use Windows Solar Screens

Solar screens work whether the window is open or closed unlike other sun block options like window tints. Also, the installation is quite easier compared to rest of the options.

Window solar screens are cited as the most efficient sun blocking method that can give excellent result in heat, UV and IR protection. It is also an inexpensive option of thermal blocking as the window glass does not need to be replaced or adjusted, which means there will be no added high cost.

When a window solar screen is installed, lesser heat enters your place. Clearly, your air conditioning units running will have a significantly lower energy load which in turn, lowers energy bills. It has shown to decrease air conditioning energy bills by up to 25%. No doubt it is a top economical thermal blocking solution.

There are also interior reversible solar screens that can add up to the adjust-ability of solar screens. Interior reversible metallic solar screens are placed on the inner side of the window and can help block views of the room from outsiders.

Solar screens not only provide heat control but also natural light management and unaltered views of the outside. As window solar screen reduces heat loss, it is a good idea to have them during winters as well. They can also help against heat loss and act as a shield from winter chills.

A window solar screen is an easy and natural way of keeping your home a cooler place to be. It is certainly a very efficient management method to help lower the overall temperature of your place.

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