Tips In Cleaning The Outside Compressor Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

When hot summer days are nearing, and so is the time to clean the essential parts of our “summer friend,” the “air-conditioner.”

To ensure that our house is getting efficient cooling, it is necessary to clean the air conditioner’s outdoor compressor unit periodically. Compressors are exterior components of air conditioners.

Being installed outdoors, compressors often get choked with dry leaves and dirt. Hence, it becomes imperative to clean them. This will assure that the air conditioner does not give in during the hottest of days. Cleaning helps keep the compressors function properly.

However, cleaning the outdoor compressor unit of an air conditioner is not an easy job and requires adequate knowledge to be done properly.

We’ve put together some useful tips to make the task easy for you. Follow the steps below to make it a smooth experience of cleaning your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor.


#1 Ensure that the power is switched off
Switch-off the power supply from the air conditioner altogether. This means that you’ll have to cut the power supply to the external compressor from the main circuit completely. Turning off the power supply will guard you against the danger of electrocution.

#2 Lift the compressor’s covering
To clean the compressor, you’ll first have to remove the rack that houses it. As the rack is attached to the compressor using plenty of screws, use a screwdriver to get the rack free for your detachment. Later, attach the rack to the compressor again, once the cleaning procedure is complete.

#3 Use your hands to finish the first cleaning cycle
Once you unload the rack, clean the inner area of the compressor with your hands and a cloth. Remove any debris, twigs, dry leaves, or dirt you come across. It’s best to cover your hands will rubber gloves so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

#4 Use high-pressure water hose to finish the second cleaning cycle
Though any unwanted debris and dirt have been removed during the manual cleaning, it is important to clean the compressor with water using a water-hose to ensure that there is nothing left inside. Even the tiniest of debris and dirt can cause the compressor to malfunction.

#5 Let it dry
Once both the cleaning cycles are finished, let the compressor dry under the sun or use a fan to make sure that no water is left. It is always better to install a dried compressor than wet as electricity is involved in its opertion.

#6 Load the compressor and screw the rack back
The last and final step is to fix the rack back with the help of screws and a screwdriver as earlier. Before you reconnect the power supply and switch ‘on’ the air conditioner, ensure every component is thoroughly dried.

That’s it! Your job is done! Now sit back and enjoy pleasant, cool air from your air conditioner.

Expert Tip: Even after you’ve clean your outside compressor thoroughly, there are high chances that dirt, twigs and unwanted debris can enter again. It is best to cover the outside compressor using cardboard or wooden board to prevent filth from accumulating further and your hard-work won’t go in vain.

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