The Role Of Awning Windows In Cooling Your Place

In most homes, heat energy passes through their windows than through any other structure of the house. This can however be controlled by installation of awnings on glass windows.

Awning windows are crank windows which open outward from the bottom. They have hinges at the top and screens fitted on the inside to protect them from the external elements. Awning windows enable good ventilation into a room while preventing falling objects like leaves and rain from entering the house.

In addition, they are always more preferable compared to the sliding windows as they are very easy to operate and allows sufficient air circulation making them ideal for installation in the kitchens.

Over the past years, manufactures used metals in making window awnings but in the recent years this has changed. It is now being replaced with water resistant synthetic fabrics like acrylic and mildew resistant elements like polyvinyl. A tightly woven and opaque fabric is preferred.

The light-colored awnings can reflect greater sunlight. These awnings can reduce the heat energy by over 76% on the windows facing west and over 66% on windows facing the south during the summer season.

Adjustable awnings can be rolled during summer to let in less solar heat in the house. Rolling up is easy in awning windows with lateral arms. Besides, openings like grommets (eyelets) on the sides and along the tops of the window enhances the cooling effect within the house by preventing the windows from trapping the hot air around them. On another note, awning windows may also be opened during the winter season to heat the house by getting sunlight rays through the windows.

Retractable awnings are suitable for home cooling for they provide comfortable shades around the house and reduces increased costs brought by air conditioning. This certainly leads to low maintenance costs. It surely enhances an efficient and a passive way of home cooling by reducing direct heat.

Apart from this, awnings are good home cooling option as they help lower the global warming impact of greenhouse gas emissions. They are very ideal as the demand for peak electricity is greatly reduced.

Normal windows are the greatest contributors to the energy loss in a home. However, with the use of awnings, over 50% of the solar heat can be reduced from heating a room – cooling the house as well as raising the insulation value of the window.

Awnings also prevent the greatest harmful effects of the UV rays and reduces energy consumption cost spent simply for cooling. They reduce the amount of solar gain in the house even with the increase in the strength of the sun. These windows are airtight which would mean having low air leakage rates since they are sealed against the external elements. This in turn reduces the cooling bills of your home.

Since they are also lighter and smaller compared to other window types, they can be installed easier to a position that can give you the best ventilation – surely a great design of good insulation will allow you get fresh air in your home.

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