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Sunpentown Portable Air Conditioner Review: WA-1070E


Sunpentown WA-1070E | The Overview

The Sunpentown WA-1070E is another portable air conditioner to consider. This unit can be easily moved and carried from one place to another as per comfort and preferences.

With the growth of technology today, gadgets and machines have came to a great extent where portability has also been of wide concern. Well, we previously had window air conditioners, then came split type and finally, the portable air conditioners.

The Sunpentown WA-1070E has a great deal of providing comfort and cooling, to ease the scorching summer, considering all the key features it offers. The cooling capacity of this portable air conditioner unit is 10,000 BTU.

It uses a special feature called the leakage and current detection system that helps in electricity consumption. It has a 300 sq. feet area coverage, for which it can perfectly keep cool to give you a comfortable ambiance.

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Product Information

  • Price: $315.57
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 10,000
  • Cool Area (Sq. Ft.): 300
  • Item Weight: 53 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 13.8 x 29.5
  • Noise Level: 53 dBA
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 8.9
  • Exhaust Hose: Single
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

Read about BTU, EER, Noise Level and Exhaust Hose.

Quick Features | The Review

Look and Appearance: The actual whole look and appearance of this portable AC is something that can drive individuals seeking to possess one. The portable machine comes in white color and gray color with a digitalized display. The buttons present are blue and red in colour.

The Sunpentown WA-1070E is outlined and bordered in black colour which gives it a classy look to suit the living room as well as the bed room, especially if one tends and leans towards classy furnishing.  Being portable, it makes it easily movable and not stuck in one single position – considerably a must have for the modern generation.

Height and Weight: The weight of the Sunpentown WA-1070E is 53 pounds and the height is very much adjustable to any room size. The height comes in 29.5 inches and the width is 13.8 inches. These total measurements are very calculative making it easily portable and adjustable.

Easy Carrying:  Unlike most portable air conditioners, the Sunpentown WA-1070E has handles that makes it more easy and simple to carry from one location into another, for comfort and ease. The castors that are present in the unit make it transferable without carrying. The unit can even be located at a height especially if one doesn’t want to make a corner fully occupied.

Energy Efficient: Any product that is energy efficient always remains to take the priority list every time you seek for a new purchase. And Sunpentown WA-1070E is one of such product which is energy efficient certified. It’s has a 8.9 certification which makes it one of the best valuables for money when it comes to products in the segment of portable air conditioners.

Warranty and Service: The Sunpentown WA-1070E comes with a yearlong warranty.  Within a span of 1 year, if the user faces any manufacturing defects or any functional problems, its service centers can be easily reached. A complain can also be simply logged in their website. An email can also be sent to the customer care section, to request for a complain registration. Service executives are always available for your concerns where the problem can be started to dealt with in 2 days time, usually in the form of replacement or rectification according to need.

Single Hose: The system which helps warm air pass from the room, going outside, is possible with its single hose exhaust. It’s mainly a hose of 5 ft. in size and is directed out of the room through any opening. It is advisable that the hose system is placed parallel or to the very height of the hose connector, to make air flow easy and quick.

Noise Level: The noise level of the air conditioner is as much or quite similar to all other portable ACs. It’s about 53 dBA. Noise levels of air conditioners are measured in the terms of dBA. If curious, the noise is actually similar to any other type of air conditioner.

Carbon Filter:  The Sunpentown WA-1070E has a carbon filter, which is an added extra helpful advantage. This filter is not actually present in all portable systems. Carbon filters not only filter carbon, but also filter away bad smell that could be present in the circulating air within the room.

Washable Filter: The filters can be removed and can be cleaned and washed anytime. The removable filter actually makes it easy to maintain it cleansing function. A manual comes with all necessary instructions and process. When the filter is cleaned dried from time to time, then the clarity of air cool is maintained and the performance of the air conditioner remains excellent.

liked Features I liked

One of the key features that Sunpentown WA-1070E offers is a self-evaporating integrated system.  By the help of this technology, the portable air conditioner helps extract maximum water that circulates in the air, and recycle it inside the machine. It helps to re-use it. The air is thus reused as a cooling instrument to cool down the thermostat inside the machine. When the thermostat is cooled, the functionality of the machine increases, to a greater extent.

Other interesting functionalities include:

  • Power cooling capacity of 10000 BTU
  • It is UL approved
  • New evaporation system (self)
  • Fan speed of 2
  • Temperature display is digitalized
  • LCDI plug (leakage control)
  • Fire resistance and improved PVI
  • Humidity controller (air temperature is automated and cooled, with humidity control)
  • The air filter is washable
  • Carbon filtration active
  • Remote control
  • Thermostat is digital
  • Timer and timer control
  • Blower direction can be controlled
  • Waste water tank is concentrated inside the unit
  • Disposable pipe ( 5 ft.)
liked Features I didn’t liked
Its thermoelectric dehumidifier offers less power resulting to lesser efficiency compared to traditional room dehumidifiers.


With all these, we can say that the Sunpentown WA-1070E is one of the most easy to use, and most available efficient product in the market. But at the same time, Sunpentown, which is a company recognized for innovative air conditioner products, has many other models of portable air conditioners.

Some of them have better features than the Sunpentown WA-1070E, but the prices can be costly. The more features, the more expensive. Sunpentown WA-1070E comes with a look that is more classy than modern. So if anyone is interested to purchase a sleeker and innovative design model, and may not always go for the Sunpentown WA-1070E, it can cost you a lot of money. Overall, we can say that Sunpentown WA-1070E is a value for money product.

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