How Does Portable Air Conditioners Vent Hot Air?

When it comes to noise while the unit is working, it is typical to hear or feel a certain hum or vibration from the vent, but the level of noise produced depends on the decibel rating as provided by the portable AC model.

There are three ways on how portable ACs vent hot air:

Through a Window. Check if the window adapter kit included in the portable AC package is compatible with the chosen window. If it doesn’t fit the window, improvisation may be necessary by following the manual that came with the product.

In order for the unit to function properly, sealing (a really airtight one) any gaps between the window adapter, where the vent hose is attached, and the corners of the window panel must be ensured. Afterwards, proceed in connecting the exhaust hose to the AC unit. This may be a hose with attached connectors that makes it easy. Now, secure the exhaust hose window connection in place by adjusting the window kit panels accordingly.

Through a Glass Door. Basically, the process of installation is the same to that of a window vent. However, a piece of Plexiglas is needed to fill the gap between the exhaust hose and the top of the door. This could make the use of the door a little inconvenient, but a working solution for those without any available window to use.

Through the Ceiling.
Commercial ceiling vent kits can be purchased from online shops or local HVAC retailers. However, there are several potential risks and ineptitudes that can be involved with the procedure, so be sure to check with the building’s maintenance personnel before proceeding.

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