Portable Air Conditioner Sale 25% OFF

Portable air conditioners are one of the most important appliances to homes today. Available in many shapes, sizes and brands, portable air conditioners are effective in providing comfort. You can get some high quality portable air conditioners at 25% off. Read on to learn about this portable air conditioner sale.

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Portable Air Conditioner Sale 25% OFF

The SPT WA-1420E Portable Air Conditioner Unit

This is a high quality portable air conditioner manufactured by SPT. It is currently retailing at $409.99 which is 25% off its original price. This is a special offer for the holidays. You better take advantage now since this air conditioner unit has some superb features like multiple modes of operation such as fan, cooling and dehumidifying modes; at an affordable price.

In addition to that, the fan in this lovely portable air conditioner has 3 speed settings. The unit is snow white in color and fully portable. It has a cooling power of 14,000btu and makes use of R410 refrigerant fluid.

The SPT WA-1420E also has an auto restart feature. This is a fantastic feature where the unit knows the times of the day when it should start up and shut off. Moreover, you don’t need to drain any water from this system, it has a self-evaporative feature that does all this for you.

With this air conditioner unit, there is no need to worry about power consumption. It has an energy efficiency rating of 8.9. This means that it consumes much less power than other air conditioner units at its level. You can never go wrong with the SPT WA-1420E. Get it now and enjoy the 25% discount!

The SPT SF-614P Portable Air Conditioner Unit

SPT definitely have some amazing offers for you today. They have another amazing portable air conditioner unit for you selling at 26% off! Believe it or not, this unit is selling at only $107.38 right now. This surely is an amazing price considering the features it brings.

The cooling pad of this great air conditioner unit has a 3D honeycomb design on it. Moreover, this unit only consumes 65 watts of power while working.

Many home appliances today make use of digital technology. The unit is one of them since it has a computerized system that indicates its settings on a special LED panel. The unit also has 3 settings for the fan and air flow components. It’s natural, normal and sleep settings for the fan; and low, medium and high settings for the air flow component.

The unit also has the capacity to hold up to 7 liters of water. Its air cooler makes use of evaporative technology and can be manipulated via remote control.

To achieve best results, ensure that you place it near you as you work or relax. The unit will comfortably cool down the air in the room and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Its cooling pad comprises a special blend of cellulose paper. As a result, it can easily absorb and retain water to assist in cooling down your room. It is fitted with little wheels on its base. Thus, you can roll it from room to room easily. Buy the amazing air conditioner unit now at over 25% off!

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