How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner

The very first step in installing or setting up a portable air conditioner is choosing a placement location. When using a window kit, position the AC unit near or beside window and electrical outlet.

Make certain that the air conditioner would not be in the way for a tripping hazard. In addition, make sure that the air flow is not obstructed by plants or furniture.

Installing Portable Air Conditioner

Below are a few tips when setting up your portable AC:

1) If the use of a window kit or existence of a wall vent is not available, with a jigsaw, make a hole measuring about 4 inches in diameter right through an exterior wall.

2) Spread over a silicone sealant to the hindmost flange on wall vent.

3) From the other side (outdoor), slip the vent through the hole in the wall and secure using stainless steel screws.

4) Turn and latch the flexible hose to the exhaust passageway on the back of the portable AC.

5) Attach the end of the hose to the vent on the wall and secure with a foil duct tape.

6) Plug the portable AC into an electrical outlet.

7) Switch the unit on and set the thermostat. Make use of the automatic timer as preferred.

Compressor driven units, such as portable ACs, drain warm air out of the room in order to make a more stable cooling process, thereby needs an exhaust hose setup for the release of the hot air. The hose is usually discharged out through a window or hole in a wall.

Portable Air Conditioners come with a complete installation package, including essential accessories such as either window kit or wall installation kit.

The installation process is quite easy and usually takes merely 20-30 minutes to finish, especially if done correctly.

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  1. Jase Davidson

    July 4, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Great advice! Installing a portable AC doesn’t have to be a hassle now. Thanks for sharing!


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