What Are The Electrical Requirements And Energy Consumption Levels?

A portable AC unit usually uses 115 to 120 volt power and does not need any special wiring or plug. It commonly work on around 7-10 amperes and needs a steady, 3-pronged grounded socket that most homes have.

Of course, as air conditioners, a substantial amount of energy is used, so practice caution to avoid overloading the circuit with multiple high-energy consuming gadgets and devices on a single circuit.

Some PACs that possess a higher BTU of about 14,000 or higher and commercial-grade PACs sometimes need a special wiring or plug. Carefully read provided product manual for additional information.

Energy consumption differ from one another. It depends on the model and the environment. By cooling a single room, portable air conditioners can save you a significant amount of money on monthly electric expenses.

However, if the portable air conditioner is used to cool more than one room, it will certainly yield larger energy consumption as the PAC recompenses for its use beyond the standard coverage. Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is used to measure degree of efficiency, significant when making comparison of appliances and operation costs.

If EER is high, it means the energy efficiency of the portable air conditioner is high. An excellent rating is about ten or higher.

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