10 Cheap Portable Air Conditioner 2018

A low price and high efficiency capability makes portable air conditioners an inexpensive room air conditioner alternative to central air cooling for a room. In fact, some 10,000-BTU portable air conditioners now cost less than $300. If you’re searching for the best cheap portable air conditioner, this would be your best resource. The reviews below will give you an honest buying advice that you can rely on. Use our our buying guide to discover which portable air conditioner features are most significant to consider.

Low-Cost / Cheap Portable Air Conditioners

Below are the best when it comes to cheap portable air conditioners. When we say ‘cheap’, we mean low cost and certainly NOT poor built or poor quality.


Honeywell MP08CESWW

1. Honeywell MP08CESWW – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $300 – $349

A low-cost yet efficient portable air conditioner is hard to find, hence, you should definitely grab Honeywell MP08CESWW with 8,000 BTU and can be controlled by a fully functional remote from across the room.

For a reasonable price of $319.00, you can cool an approximate of 250 sq. feet area with the no bucket, no drip design auto-evaporation system so you don’t have to worry about any mess brought about by dripping water.

It has a 54 pints of dehumidification per 24 hours, a digital LED display with feather light touch-controls, and contains washable electrostatic filter.

It’s an ultimate portable air conditioner with four-caster wheels for easy mobility, a flexible exhaust, and an easily installed window venting kit! View the product.


Whynter ARC-08WB

2. Whynter ARC-08WB – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

You do not have to suffer through a terrible hot weather since for only $275.51, you can have the Whynter ARC-08WB, which has gathered certifications for being an eco-friendly portable air conditioner.

Being one with energy star rated CFC-free refrigerant and Lead-Free RoHS Compliant Components, it’s an excellent choice.

Along its built having an adjustable digital thermostat feature, it brings four operational modes where it can act as an air conditioner, a fan, a dehumidifier or on ‘auto’ that functions depending on your needs! Furthermore, its self-evaporative feature for condensation management is an absolute advantage.

It has a 8,000 BTU for an ultimate cooling effect and an incredible dehumidification capacity of 45.6 pints per 24 hours! View the product.


Spt WA-8070E

3. Sunpentown WA-8070E – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

This portable air conditioner is not only low-cost, but also provides an annual low-power usage with an energy efficiency ratio of 8.9, so that you can stay cool all-year-long without a huge impact on your electric bill!

For only $265.99, you can have awesome features of 8000 BTU cooling capacity, a self-evaporating system with a digital temperature and thermostat display that you can control through a full-function remote control.

There’s more, though, since this portable air conditioner also has a built-in water tank for continuous drainage and an efficient dehumidifier which removes moisture for your comfort.

Most importantly, however, is its environmental-friendly R410A refrigerant which is non ozone-depleting. View the product.


LG Electronics LP0814WNR

4. LG Electronics LP0814WNR – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

LG has been a leading brand for a variety of appliances and they just proved their dedication to quality and affordability with the LP0814 WNR portable air conditioner.

For only $278.99, you can this powerful and excellent PAC with its reliable cooling capacity of 8000 BTU and running at a 115-volt and for your greatest convenience, it comes with a full-function remote control.

You can take this portable air conditioner wherever you want to go, not only so you can keep cool, but also due to its sleek and modern design. It is a free-standing unit of LG that blends with any room decorations.

Additionally, it has an auto-evaporation system enables a continuous usage so there is no needs to remove any water and with programmable 24-hour on and off timer, it is easier to manage the temperature even when you are not in the room. View the product.


Haier HPB10XCR

5. Haier HPB10XCR – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

Want to relax and stay indoors, but the heat inside is suffocating? Well, now you can chill with Haier HPB10XCR 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for only $278.00 which provides an energy efficient cooling for your home or office when summer comes knocking at your doors.

It is considered a low-power consuming device since the unit has a convenient 24-hour on/off timer to reduce energy consumption. Thus, you can achieve a lower electric bill while enjoying its cooling coverage of up to a 350 sq. ft. area.

Even better, you can use it with a quick-install window kit which doesn’t require permanent installation. View the product.


Shinco YPL310C

6. Shinco YPL310C – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

For an affordable price of $269.00, you can have this portable air conditioner with a cooling power of 10000 BTU that would definitely cool down an area of approximately 300 sq. ft.

It is a reliable, easy-to-use with a two-speed cooling fan and four-way air-direction in order to ensure that the cool air would evenly spread throughout the space.

It also has digital controls for a precise adjustment of temperatures from across the room and contains a self-evaporation system without water tank. Thus, the water is condensed and recycled which improves efficiency with the use of cooling condenser. View the product.


Midea AKP10CR4

7. Midea AKP10CR4 Arctic King – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

Aesthetic designs would be a huge and welcome bonus for a low-cost yet efficient portable air conditioner. It is stylish and cost-effective as it could cool an area of approximately 450 sq. ft with its 10000 BTU power.

It is also an innovation portable air conditioner as it contains an electronic touch technology with a remote and LED display. The cool air is also spread more evenly throughout the room space with its fan which has three cooling speeds and different wind direction modes.

You can control this with the use of the digital control panel and a reliable programmable timer. All of this is yours for an affordable price of $288.36! View the product.


Commercial Cool WPAC08R

8. Commercial Cool WPAC08R – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

Do you have a large space, but short on money? Worry no more, since with only $262.09, Commercial Cool WPAC08R is all yours!

It can cool down an area of approximately 350 sq. ft. with its 8100 BTU power. The unit also has superb features such as Auto Evaporation Function, Dehumidification Function, Easy Access Slide-out Washable Air Filter and an included Window Exhaust Kit which makes it definitely a very good unit.

It has a highly efficient and rapid cooling fans that operates at low noise level, and works reliably with its LED electronic control panel and digital thermostat.

For your convenience, you can manage this using the remote control with full functions and a caster wheels for optimum portability! View the product.


Koldfront PAC801W

9. Koldfront PAC801W – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

Keep it cool with the Koldfront PAC801W 8000 BTU Indoor Portable Air Conditioner which provides you with energy saving programmable features in cooling down your home or office space, especially during the hot and dry summer. Thus, you could merely consume lesser power when it is set only when needed, leading to a decrease in your electric bill! Feel its effects quick in a room of 250 sq. ft.

Better yet, this portable air conditioner does uses R410A refrigerant and is equipped with direct drain option to exhaust condensate especially in high humidity environments. The dehumidify option take about 45 pints a day capacity. You can easily set it up after unpacking the unit.

Furthermore, it has 3 fan speeds and oscillating louver that ensure an even distribution of cool air throughout the space. View the product.


Global Air NPA1-10C

10. Global Air NPA1-10C – Passed Cheap Price

PRICE: $250 – $299

Sit back and chill with the Global Air Electronics NPA1-10C Portable Air Conditioner which has a cooling capacity of 10000 BTU that could keep a room of 300 sq. ft. cool even in the hottest and driest summer days.

It even has a dehumidification capacity of 2.6 pints per hour and a two-speed cooling fan with four-way air direction in order to evenly distribute the cool air in the space. It also has digital controls for a precise temperature adjustments and a remote control for your convenience.

With a 24-hour on and off programmable timer, it is easier to create a cooling schedule without wasting energy.

All of these awesome features for an affordable price of $251.99, the cheap portable air conditioner includes a window installation kit for use on ventilation and exhaust operations. View the product.

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