How A Solar Attic Fan Can Help Cool Your Place

The usage of renewable energy is one of the best solutions in a rising global warming crisis. In fact, it has a lesser impact on the environment compared to the use of fossil fuels.

Renewable energy comes from different sources such as solar, wind, and water (hydro power). These resources will never run out compared to the fossil fuels, coals, and oil.

Usage of any kind of renewable energy reduces the risk of emitting carbon dioxide that goes up to the atmosphere and causes the greenhouse effect, which is the trapping of sun’s heat to the earth and lowering the earth’s temperature.

Solar power is one of the three renewable energy. It is clean and pure energy coming out from the sun. Since the sun produces heat towards the earth, it can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels and coals for lighting our homes.

Electricity generated from solar power is clear and reduces emission of deadly greenhouse gases that could destroy the atmosphere which can lead to a more devastating phenomenon. Solar energy can be used as an alternative electricity with the use of photovoltaic cells that turn sunlight into electricity.

The good thing about solar panels is that it can be installed on the rooftop of your home. You can use the electricity stored to power up your home, your gadgets, and your appliances.

There are a lot of usages for solar energy. It can certainly be used as an electricity to power up your attic fan. An attic fan can reduce heat in the attics by pushing the warm heat out of the area through air vents or openings. The air will be replaced with cool air which eventually reduces heat inside the house.

How does solar attic fan works? During hot summer days, attic fans can be a great help but is also an added cost to electricity consumption. Good thing there is a solution for it.

The best method is to use solar powered attic fans. In that way, it will not be an added cost. More than that, you are helping in reducing emission of greenhouse gases.

The attic fan can help reduce air temperature which causes a reduction of heat gain below the ceiling. As the attic fan pushes through the warm air outside the air vents, it gathers cool air. However, before installing attic fans, you need to make sure that any air leaks must be fixed and sealed.

Today, there are a lot of solar products that are really affordable for purchase in the market. Installing a solar attic fan, you will have to buy specially designed attic fans with Photovoltaic cells. They are built to use solar electricity instead of the electricity that the national grid provided. Also, there are DIY or Do-it-yourself solar attic fans you can build if you know how to manage and install wiring and electrical cords.

But before buying or installing solar attic fans, the materials must somehow pass the quality check or international standards to avoid accidents like fire or worst, being electrocuted.

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