Best Ways To Have Plants Help Cool Your Place

Most families rely on fans and other costly high-tech ways of beating the heat in their homes. Unknown to them, there are less costly means of keeping the room temperature at a minimum.

In fact, plants that require little water fulfills this role quite well. They have the tendency to release freshness that plays a huge role in cooling your place.

Having more trees either at the front or back of your home prevents the sun’s ultraviolet rays from directly penetrating the area around your home. In addition to that, oxygen flow will be boosted, hence reducing the need for energy-consuming air conditioners.

If you’re considering having plants in your humble abode, here are a few tips to make them efficient in temperature reduction.

1. Place them either at centre/dining tables

Plants have a unique ability to not only act as beautifiers in a house but also offer other interesting beneficial effects. When placed in stylish little pots, the cooling plants can give the room a high level of freshness especially when placed on centre or dining tables.

Different people have different preferences, but the benefits are the same. The room in which you decide to place plants will appear brighter and of course, cooler.

2. Consider Kitchen Gardening

In order to make your working station greener and more organic, kitchen gardening is worth a shot.

Among the benefits that kitchen gardening offers is the ability to grow vegetables and fruits in your kitchen and enjoy your own fresh, green and organic veggies at your place.

Not only will this keep the kitchen’s aeration cool, it will also give a constant feel of nature all around you. Moreover, it will keep bacteria and viruses that could emerge as a result of ultraviolet radiation at bay.

3. Keep the Best Part of Your House Green

This is basically the room or area where you spend most of your time. It could be the study room, prayer room, living room, kitchen or wherever else you spend more hours of your day.

Add a touch of plant life by placing small green pots on the edge of your window sill, beside the corridors, or even at the entrances of your home. For a more fresh and lively scene, you could also opt to place a pot on your desk or kitchen counter.

4. Be Creative in Your Choice of Plant Pots

Instead of using ordinary plastic pots, go for unique terracotta pots. This has become a growing trend across modern homes, mostly due to the fact that they’re easy to port and carry.

Compared to the plastic pots, traditional terracotta pots give plants a slow and gradual growth which can benefit them in so many ways. For starters, this will help them grow vibrantly so as to effectively heal the environment and clean the air around it.

5. Place Outdoor Plants Strategically

If you’re seeking to optimize energy use especially during the summer, do not opt for south-facing plants. Rather, strategically position your plants to either the east or west of your house in order to block early, low and evening sun.

During the summer, you’ll need plants positioned mainly on the west side to protect your house from the afternoon heat. In colder climates, deciduous trees are a good option.

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