Best Tips To Cool Your Place Using Ceiling Fans

Is the summer heat taking a toll on your health but air conditioners are not your thing? Do you seem allergic to the use of air conditioners or feel unwell in a cold, air-conditioned environment? Are air-conditioners out of your budget?

If your answers to any of the above issues is “Yes,” then we have some brilliant suggestions for you! We’ve put together some excellent tips to cool your place using ceiling fans.


1. Choose the perfect ceiling fan for your home

Ceiling fans are available in the market in various colors, measurements, shapes, and price ranges. There are different models with LED lights, remote controls, blade speed management controls, etc. Pick a fan with a large enough hanging-rod.

A ceiling fan located 8-10 feet from the ground gives the best cooling effects. Check for the noise rating and cooling efficiency.

Also, keep the size of your room in mind while purchasing a ceiling fan. If you have a big room with a high ceiling, then choose a fan with large blades. If the size of your room is petite, then opt for a ceiling fan with smaller blades.

Ensure that the fan has high energy efficiency as they provide better cooling than ordinary ceiling fans.

2. Use thick curtains and blinds
To stop escaping of the cool air produced by the ceiling fan or entering of heat coming outside the house, use thick, blackout curtains, window shades, and window blinds. These are typically insulating materials that assist in keeping your room cold.

3. Don’t forget to shut your doors
Especially if you have pets that keep sneaking in and out of your room, keep checking your doors to ensure they’re closed. If you leave your door open, the cool air produced by your cooling unit can immediately disappear.

4. Limit the use of bulbs and lights in the room
Incandescent bulbs and tube lights emit energy and dissipate heat and increase the temperature of your room. If possible, switch to CFLs in order to get the best of cooling benefits using ceiling fans.

5. Change the spinning direction of the ceiling fan
On hot summer days, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push the air in a downward direction cooling the room adequately.


To ensure that your ceiling fan provides optimum cooling for your room, purchase a fan which is energy efficient. Wondering what to look for when buying the ideal ceiling fan for your space? Don’t worry! We’ll help you buy one.

1. Opt for a DC Motor

The motor is the core of a ceiling fan, as it controls the airflow and efficiency of the fan. DC fan motors are tinier and lighter than conventional AC motors, which permits them to produce higher torque and absorb 60 percent less power. Moreover, DC motors produce less radiation and silent as compared to standard motors.

2. Check the Energy Star Rating

Always buy ceiling fans that are energy star rated. These fans consume less energy, come with lengthy warranty and have high efficiency.

3. Ensure the fan has powerful airflow

High airflow ceiling fans distribute more air and waste less energy as compared to standard fans. Fans with powerful airflow also help in keeping unwanted intruders like mosquitoes and flies away from your home.

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