Best Shower / Bathing Tips To Cool Yourself

It just feels necessary to keep cool especially during high temperature days. The need for keeping cool during the summer extends far above comfort reasons because such weather can also result to heat related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat cramps among others.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to maintain a cool temperature without air conditioners for more than a few hours despite using a lot of cooling methods. This should surely motivate you to take frequent cold showers.

While taking frequent cool baths will reduce the body temperature instantly, after a little while you will certainly feel immediate increase of warmth afterwards. But there are ways to shower in order to still keep cool for long.

Here are the best shower / bathing tips to cool yourself during high temperatures:

· Shower Temperature

If you want instant gratification, you can take a cold shower or bath. Taking a cold shower decreases the blood flow to the skin. The temperature of the water, as well as decreased skin blood flow, will put the skin temperature at a comfort zone immediately causing you to feel instantly cool.

The overall coolness will welcome slightly lukewarm or cool breeze that you wouldn’t have enjoyed if the body still felt hot. However, in just a few minutes after a cold shower, you will feel hot again. This happens because the instant cooling of the body as a result of the cold shower will result to a rebound effect of core body temperature trying to immediately restore heat of the body. You will surely get warm as soon as possible due to the quick loss of heat from the body and reduced skin blood flow. Reduced blood flow to the skin causes heat conservation in the body.

It is better to shower with lukewarm water instead. The warm water sensation may seem uncomfortable initially due to being an additional discomfort to a hot weather but surely after a few minutes, the body will feel more comfortable.

Using lukewarm water will lead to increased skin blood flow which will, in turn, increase heat loss from the body. Increased blood flow causes heat loss out to your environment. You can also initially use warm water while reducing the temperature of the water as you proceed towards the end of the shower.

· Don’t Rub-Dry

Rubbing the body dry with a towel will cause friction which will, in turn, lead to heat. Instead, pat dry as it creates no real heat.

· Wash with Cold Water

Wet hair may cause colds but in hot temperatures, a cold feeling is welcome. Of course cold water to the hair has its own disadvantages such as loss of volume but on the other hand, it can improve shine. Having cold water in the head is one of the easiest ways to cool down.

· Increase Ventilation

Open all windows in the bathroom while taking a shower. If there is an exhaust fan above the shower, keep it turned ‘on’ too. If possible, leave the shower door open and if you can, get an electric fan close to an open door but far enough not to be affected by water. The fan can help you cool off while showering and/or drying off.

· Cool Towel and Clothes

You can place your towel and clothes in the freezer before use in order to receive a cooling feel when they come in contact with your skin. Another method is spreading them on a tiled floor to allow them to receive coolness from the tiles.

· Bathroom time

While taking long showers is refreshing, it is better to leave the bathroom as soon as you can or at a point you now feel better. Humid air will not help the skin stay dry and having wet skin during a hot weather will not help you cool down.

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