Best Roofing Tips That Can Help Cool Your Place

On a sweltering summer afternoon, the surface temperature of your roof can be nearly 50% warmer than the surrounding air temperature.

Flat roofs are notorious for trapping heat which invariably makes your place significantly warmer. Even slope roofs with traditional shingles experience the same effect to a slightly lesser degree.

Finding effective ways to keep your roof cool can save you money, help conserve energy, and help bring down the temperature a bit.

Coatings and Sheathings:

If you have a sturdy, firm roof, you can upgrade the surface with what’s called “sheathing.” Essentially it’s a single-ply of PVC, which is immune to most types of weather events, that can provide the cooling relief you seek.

If sheathing doesn’t strike your fancy or you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative, try a polymer coating. Usually sold similarly to a paint, elastomeric polymer can deflect the sun and effectively cool down your home.


If by chance you’re in the market for a new roof, go metal. A metal roof is virtually by definition a reflective roof. A metal roof will reflect sunlight right back out, keeping the interior of your home much more pleasant and comfortable.

While not everyone is ready for a full-on roof replacement, there are a few varieties of metal coating that can be professionally applied which will serve the same purpose with the same effect.

This solution is even more attractive to flat roof owners, as the aesthetics of a flat roof are not typically considered of much value.

Cool Shingles:

For homes with especially steep slopes, a new set of shingles may do the trick. Shingles are not generally a very reflective product however a new layer of fiberglass shingles can step in and do the work that traditional shingles cannot.

Fiberglass shingles have a tiny array of reflective grains which can deflect sunlight back outward. While shingling a roof seems like a daunting and cumbersome product, the benefits gained both in terms of average temperature and utility savings will be well worth it.


Windcatchers are habitually used in areas of sustained warmth to direct cool air downward. A windcacher is a dome-like device that directs cool air down a shaft, protecting it from seeping out.

The idea of the windcatcher dates back to ancient Persia where it was used as a method for creating ventilation. It’s a historically tried and true way to cool down.

Solar Panels:

Perhaps the most obvious way to cool your roof, reduce energy consumption, and lower your utility bills is solar panels. Hugely popular in the sunniest regions of the world, solar panels are an easy answer to problems of a super-heated roof.

While pricey and requisite of professional installation, solar panels are truly the best long-term answer for cooling your home and creating a financial and environmentally-prudent scenario.

There are a myriad of ways to go about lowering the temperature of your roof. While some are more pricey and slightly more labor-intensive than others, all will show positive returns in lowering your roof temperature and helping you keep a cooler home.

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