Best Kitchen & Cooking Methods To Control The Cool Of Your Place

There comes that time of the year when the sun becomes a little bit brighter, butterflies flutter all over the place, and tree leaves become a little yellower. When this happens, it means that nature is trying to tell you something… Summer is just around the corner!

As much as the season adds light unto the surface of the earth, it is still has its downside – the glaring heat of the sun and humidity.

So, how do you deal with summer in relation to the comfort of your kitchen? Don’t worry. Below are a few comprehensive suggestions to help you stay cool and save energy throughout this heat season.

1. Change the color of your roof

The first thing the sun’s rays hit before getting to you or your kitchen, is your roof. This makes it really important to repaint its color into something else.

You should want something that is reflective in order to reduce the heat intensity it can bring to your home kitchen. The color white is really great option you should consider. Thanks to its reflective capabilities, you will be able to repel as much UV rays from your home as possible.

This in turn will help cool your home’s interior and give you a spring temperature even though it’s summer time. Furthermore, white gives your roof a lighter touch on the eye and adds to the overall beauty of your home.

2. Outdoor cooking

A great way to tone down your home temperature is by cooking outside. Just think about it. A big portion of the heat present in your home is usually from the kitchen along with other heating systems.

Therefore, outdoor cooking would be good strategy in reducing your home’s overall temperature. All you need is a decent shade on your back yard, a table, and a heat source.

For a shade, you could use a tent or cavern. When it comes to the heat source, simply make use of a small gas cooker or electrical cooker. Or you can use a crock pot, a grill, solar ovens, or just bring your toaster oven outside. Have your family join you and every meal will feel like a celebration.

3. Use energy efficient heat sources

In order to keep your place cool during the summer season, you may want to be using energy efficient resources. For instance, you could capitalize on using pressure cookers. Not only does pressure cookers cook faster, they leave your food with most of its nutrients and more flavor.

Furthermore, you will be using less solvent in cooking your food, therefore making it more economical.

You may also need to start making more use of your microwave. What makes the appliance great is how the heat is contained within it. Unlike other fuel-sourced methods, the microwave will not heat the air around you which can help keep your home cool whenever you want to heat up some food.

4. Keep your fan ON when cooking

Always ensure that your fan is rotating at a good speed while you are cooking. This flow of air helps remove the heated air in the cooking area out of the house, keeping the interior kitchen temperature lower.

However, keep your fan at a safe distance from the heat source or simply consider turning ON your ceiling fan. The last thing you want is to cause a kitchen fire during summer.

Furthermore, try and keep your windows open while cooking for a more eco-friendly cooling as you prepare your meals. It’s a good thing if you can try to limit the use of air conditioning when cooking considering that electric costs can be quite expensive some times.

5. Manage cooking time
Better not to use the stove or oven when cooking in the afternoon or evening. Doing so have shown to greatly increase heat containment.

You can also cook foods like potato salad and pasta in the morning so you can have them served chilled for dinner.

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