Best Curtain Tips To Help Cool Your Place

A curtain is a piece of material, mostly a cloth that is suspended and placed to cover a window. It is used to block out light, give privacy, and decorate a room, among others.

In a house or room space, up to a third of unwanted heat comes through the window. This happens especially if the windows are facing south or western directions. Using a curtain will largely help in reducing the entrance of heat to keep the room cool.

This article looks into the best curtain tips that can help cool your place.

First, using a blackout curtain will help to efficiently cool a house. Basically, it can block out sunlight rays. This ensures that less heat energy passes through the windows which eventually help in keeping the temperature inside the house low.

For windows which are directly in the path of the sun rays, choose thick curtains to further assist in keeping the room cool. These curtains can reflect ultraviolet radiation from the sun or any visible light. For best results, it is advisable to keep the curtains closed throughout the day.

For windows which are not in the direction of the sun, curtains should better be open during the day. This will allow a significant amount of air to enter the house and freely circulate thereby bringing with it a cooling effect.

Using double curtain rods can also help in cooling your room. A double curtain rod enables you to use two curtains, one in front of the other. These in turn will result to more ultraviolet radiation being blocked which leads to better cooling compared to using a single curtain.

Full length curtains can also help in cooling a room. When your curtain is full length, there will almost be no space for light and heat to pass through. This will in turn result to a consistent temperature level in the room.

Creeping light tends to find its way through edges of the curtains but you can allow extra width of the curtain to help block out this light. The curtains may also be puddled a little on the floor. This will ensure that no heat or light enters the room through the floor.

Using the correct curtain fabric will also greatly assist in cooling a house. There are particular types of fabrics that are available in the market that have been specially designed to block light. Consider fabrics such as suede, tapestry, velvet, or tweed to keep heat out. In addition, interlining these fabrics with a bump, a thick insulating material, is particularly effective at noise and thermal insulation.

Adding an avalanche (a narrow strip of fabric that runs along the top width of the window) and a scarf (a long piece of fabric that you drape over hooks to embellish the window and the frame) will help maintain the temperature of the room. This also ensures that all spaces are covered and therefore helps keep the room cool.

Lastly, you may want to use curtain drapes with added insulating qualities. Between the draping and the backing material, you can sandwich several layers of foam backing or quilted lining. Thermal-backed drapes can have up to a maximum of four layers: fabric layer, vapor barrier, a fill material and a final lining. Though expensive, this will keep a room or a house extremely cool.

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