Best Clothing Strategies To Get A Cooling Effect

When it’s summer time, the heat should surely be popping up. But you can keep the heat from spoiling your outfit by employing some interesting clothing strategies that can give a cooling effect.

1. Put your Jeans or Trousers in the freezer before you go out. If you really want to wear your full length denims, chill them in the freezer just before you are going out. This will surely give a soothing effect.

2. Wear skin friendly fabrics. 100 percent cotton fabrics are the best you can opt for to cool you down. They are skin friendly and allows your skin to breath more freely. Avoid polyester or rayon fabrics especially during summer when keeping yourself cool.

3. Avoid flimsy fabric. Wear clothes that doesn’t cling to your skin as soon as you start sweating. The less clothes firmly touching your body, the more comfortable you will feel. Believe it or not, but a loose maxi dress will keep you cooler than a skin tight leggings or shorts.

4. Invest in Cooling clothes. There are few brands that makes cooling clothes. These are basically manufactured with some technology that pulls sweat off the body and lowers the body temperature.

5. Incorporate an undershirt. Wear a vest to office to keep sweat from reaching the shirt. Also vest soaked in perspiration will help to cool you down a little more. Gross but true!

6. Invest in Non-lined clothes. Clothes with another layer inside are very uncomfortable to wear during the summer. Wear Jackets, blazers that are not lined with sweaty fabrics. Wear a cotton lining instead.

7. Choose light undergarments. Fancy undergarments are often made of fabrics that stick to your body. Light weight materials are great for hot weather, so invest in undergarments that are light fabricated.

8. Invest in anti – sweating garments. The market is now loaded with such anti-sweating fabrics, which are good to wear in the scorching heat to avoid the sweat off from your body.

9. Wear small scarf. Carry a scarf with you. You can use the scarf by styling it, in a way that it keeps your hair off the neck. A small cotton scarf is best in absorbing sweat. You can either tie your hair with it or wear it around your neck.

10. Cover up and keep cool. Cover your skin to protect it against the sun to keep your cool. Direct sunlight damages the skin, raises body temperature, and make you sweat.

11. No eye catchy colors. Stick to light color clothes. Dark colors absorb heat whereas light colors reflect heat which keeps you cool.

12. Wear a light weight wide hat. A wide brimmed hat will protect you against heat and sunlight. It can also keep you cool.

13. Wear light weight or minimal jewelry. Bracelet, neck-piece, rings are a big no in the summer for they stick to your skin. They are more of a trouble than worth it when the temperature goes up. Sticking to minimal jewelry like light pieces is fine.

14. Dip a handkerchief in cold water. Always keep a handkerchief with you to wipe the sweat off your face. You can also dip the handkerchief in ice water or place one or two ice wrapped in your handkerchief and kept in a plastic bag to carry with you. Whenever you feel hot, you can just take out the cold handkerchief and wipe your face with it. It will surely give you a cooling effect.

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