10 Best 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 2018

Air conditioners can be considered as one of the best innovation on comfort. In fact, it is so beneficial that both home owners and business owners find it enjoyable to experience the convenience that comes with the dry and cool environment air conditioners create. Not only do they provide comfort but health benefits like diminishing the rate of excessive sweating which has been commonly associated with dehydration.

In addition to how amazing air conditioners work, there is the British Thermal Unit (BTU) available that allows you to determine the measure of how much heat can be removed in the room per hour. Being knowledgeable of this element would certainly play a vital role in selecting and maximizing the efficiency of air conditioning for your place according to the size of the room.

10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

If your room has a size of up to 350 ft2, then looking for the best 10000 BTU portable air conditioner should be the appropriate move that can bring you the capacity to achieve the best efficacy. Moreover, portable air conditioners are not solely the old fashioned “mount it on the wall” kind of conditioning but an appliance that is easily portable and mobile (free to be moved as much as an individual wants). So in this discourse, a list of 10 of the best portable air conditioners with 10,000 BTU is worthwhile to discuss.

A Quick Glance At Our Top Picks

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1) Honeywell MN10CESWW 10000 BTU

This unit is considered to be the top picked air conditioning in the league of portable 10,000 BTU air conditioners. It is the most popular seller even with a price of $398.98. It comes with a remote control which can be used to manipulate the timer and temperature to be set, viewed in the LED display it possesses.

Moreover, this air conditioning unit has a bonus of a self-install window venting kit and a flexible hose. In addition, many consumers are said to be having problems with its noise when operation but with Honeywell MN10CESWW, such things are not a fuzz. To make it even better, it can cool and dehumidify the room at the same time.

Furthermore, it has a self-evaporative system to lessen the trouble of draining water. Plus, what’s not to love with the 5 year warranty it assures after buying? View the product.


LG Electronics LP1014WNR

2) LG Electronics LP1014WNR 10000 BTU

The LP1014WNR is a new model of portable air conditioning (AC) produced by LG Electronics. The AC is a top choice and is known for its fan that keeps on running even after the desired temp has been reached. This is beneficial because the fan maintains the circulation of air in the room thereby ensuring that all corners of the room remain the same level of temperature. The availability of a remote control is one of the best feature it can bring which will certainly elevate users’ experience with convenience, and it surely is a plus whenever you want to change the temperature of the room without interfering with your comfort by moving.

In terms of design, the AC unit measures (11.8 x 17 x 31.3) inches and weighs 55 pounds (whole package weighs 71.7 pounds). It is also a 10,000 BTU 115V air conditioner. This clearly indicates that it is designed to work optimally and efficiently in a 300 sq. ft. space. The sleek design allows it to complement many features in any room with regard to decoration. It has wheels that enable movement from one point of the house or room to another considerably easy. Moreover, the LED display panel shows two cooling speeds and two fan speeds, for which a user can select accordingly.

The fact that the ac unit is portable indicates that it does not need installation as in the case of the window AC unit. In terms of setting up, all it requires is for the user to enter the essential parameters on the LED display unit and then let it take care of the rest. It is also important to state that further adjustment or changes to the parameters can be done using the remote control. Note that the system has an auto-restart, which saves the user’s settings so that in the event of power restoration to the unit, it can restore the room temperatures accordingly.

The AC may still certainly cool a room of up to 350 sq. ft. given that it is a 10,000 BTU air conditioner. In addition, its dehumidification rate is .6 pints per hour and uses the standard electrical outlet, which is 115V.

The AC unit is energy efficient in the sense that it takes a shorter duration to cool the same area of a room than its predecessors even though its fans don’t stop. The noise level of the AC unit is significantly low such that it does not provide disturbance to users who want to enjoy relative quietness at home while running.

An important feature we can’t ignore not mentioned previously is the auto evaporation system integrated in the AC unit, which is instrumental in enabling its continuous use without the removal of any water. In addition, it has a 24-hour programmable on/off timer, which enables its control even when the user is not physically present.

Choosing a portable air conditioning unit does not only mean considering specifications but also its style. LG Electronics LP1014WNR “works with every décor” as they say.

The remote control can be used to set the 24 hour timer and temperature easily as you would like to maintain in the room. Auto-evaporative system features has always been a plus for it lessens the labor of draining the water. Likewise, who wouldn’t love the dehumidifier function like that of Honeywell MN10CESWW?

Lastly, it has an auto restart function that enables you to resume saved settings before any power outage. So, there’s nothing to worry with or without power on, this definitely makes users at ease. View the product.


Haier HPN14XCM

3) Haier HPN10XHM 10000 BTU

Haier HPN10XHM has a 4 way air direction allowing the consumers to direct the air in the way they want to. What is more is that the unit has three fan settings and cooling speeds to personalize the buyers’ preferences.

A remote can be used even form across the room to adjust the temperature, speed, time and mode. Most importantly, a portable device wouldn’t be much of a mobile tool if it’s not easy to move around; and with this unit’s fully-directional easy-roll caster wheels, it’s not an issue to be transported to any part of the room.

And above all, the consumer can cool, fan, and dehumidify the air all at the same time making it one of the most recommended air conditioner. View the product.


Shinco YPL310C

4) Shinco YPL3-10C 10000 BTU

Some air conditioners when “broken”, turns out it had ice inside hindering it from working well. Conversely, this is not a problem for Shinco YPL3-10C because this unit has an anti-freeze function. It has an economical prize of $269.

More to its great functions are: auto-evaporative system that saves consumers from troubles of draining water, and self-diagnosing system that shows what parts are defective through the LED display.

Furthermore, it has a four-way air direction that evenly spreads the air. Consumers love this product, functional and budget-friendly. View the product.


NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact

5) NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact 10000 BTU

Feeling hot and wanting to be in the comfort of a cold room? Then NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact is for you, it has fast cooling capabilities since the set temperature is achieved upon 20-30 minutes of operation.

NewAir AC-10100E Ultra Compact has dehumidifying function built. Plus, it has a self-evaporative system which reduces the effort of emptying the collected water.

Above all, it has a washable activated carbon filters to ensure that the air is clean and refreshing to the consumers and saving them the money to buy new filters. View the product.


Global Air NPA1-10C

6) Global Air NPA1-10C 10000 BTU

The Global Air NPA1-10C is a portable air conditioning unit that ensures both comfortability and durability for cooling up to a 300-square foot room.

Digitally controlled, the unit has an on/off timer that functions 24/7 to save you energy but keep cooling as needed. The built-in filter is reusable and can be easily cleaned in a kitchen sink. With a 4-way, 2-speed cooling capability, the unit can spread cool air evenly and rapidly.

The best feature of the unit is its power which is 10,000 BTU of power that can cool a room quickly while also acting as a dehumidifier.

The product weights slightly less than 54 pounds and sits upright. When fully assembled, the unit is 14 inches by 11.8 inches by 30.9 inches making it compact and an accommodating addition to any room large or small. The top of the air conditioner has an LED display with plastic, easy-to-read buttons. There are two sets of louvers both vertical and horizontal. Four universal steel wheels are set under the unit to give it portability. The front and back panels are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance of the unit. A grid protects the air outlet while the back of the unit features an easy-wind pillar for the power cord.

Before installing or setting up the air conditioner, it must remain in an upright position for at least 24 hours. Once the unit is placed in the preferred location, plug the product in, push the “ON” button. The product will begin making whirring sounds and the indicator lights and LED display will light up. By pressing the selection button, you can choose the type of action for the unit to perform: cool, dehumidify, fan, or a combination. You can then proceed to adjusting the temperature, fan speed, and timer as desired. When the filter needs changed, the appropriate indicator light will turn red. To change the filter, simply turn off the machine, remove the panel, remove the filter, and wash it in the sink.

Despite its compact size, the Global Air NPA1 operates at the powerful capacity of 10,000 BTUs but consumers have reported that the unit function at an awesome medium energy efficiency level. While it is not an energy star product, for the amount of cooling power it offers, it does not use as much power as similar units.

Several consumers report that the unit is extremely loud especially during the night. The design of the unit being plastic in tandem with the high power make it so that the unit is prone to shaking and vibrating. The motor inside the unit and the fans contribute to this situation.

When purchased, the unit comes with an extensive user’s guide that details set up, maintenance, and user instructions. There is also an application guide with quick facts and a manufacturer limited warranty covering all repairs, parts, and defects for up to 90 days after the date of purchase.

Global Air NPA1-10C does not only cool the room but also dehumidifies up to 2.6 pints per hour along with the four-way air direction that evenly distribute air, plus 2-speed cooling and fan to satisfy the user.

Moreover, it has a 24 hour on and off timer which can be set to the users’ schedules. It also helps save money with its reusable and washable air filters like the NewAir 10100E.

This product is one of the “good buys” for the reason of it being cheap ($299.99) and handy to users. View the product.


Whynter ARC-10WB

7) Whynter ARC-10WB 10000 BTU

For buyers who are looking for a portable, easy to use, and environment-friendly air conditioner for their home, the Whynter ARC-10WB is a perfect choice. Because of the extremely silent operation, it is a perfect device for homes. Additionally, with features like CFC-free R-410A refrigerant and lead-free RoHS compliant component, this is a small yet important step towards a better and greener future.

Although there are various reasons behind choosing Whynter ARC-10WB as one of the best portable air-conditioners of this price range, but if we need to choose one feature that makes it one of the most desirable home product, then it surely will be its eco-friendly refrigerant and the three different modes of operations.

The eco-friendly refrigerant is not only good for the environment but is also much more affordable than the traditional refrigerant used in other air-conditioners being used at homes. In other words, ARC-10WB is a perfect choice for those buyers who are looking for an affordable yet an effective air-conditioner for home,

The ARC-10WB has three different operating modes that are perfect for the everyday home usage. These three modes of 10WB are air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier. So, you can easily use this air-conditioner all year by using these perfectly laid out modes.

Design of ARC-10WB is one of the most interesting features of the device. The device excels where almost all other air-conditioners fail miserably, and that’s the size. The ARC-10WB is extremely portable and thus it is a perfect choice for small homes and family. The casters help the movability and positioning of the AC. Adjustable thermostat makes it easier to keep the temperature under control. In all, ARC-10WB is a super-efficient, portable and brilliant AC for smaller homes.

Another great thing about the ARC-10WB is that it does not need an expert to get installed. You can easily do it by reading the user manual supplied with the AC. You just need to finish the manual completely and then find a perfect place to install the AC. Just remember to keep the device at the smooth surface so that the casters can move freely on the floor.

The maximum power consumption of the device is measured as 1130 W / 10.0 A, and it is capable to deliver airflow of 380 m3/h / 224 CFM. In simpler words, it is efficient enough to be used in a small room of 300 sqft. So, instead of investing in a full-powered expensive AC for your home, we would advise you to go with the more affordable ARC-10WB.

The ARC-10WB has a cooling capacity of 10000 BTU/hr. So, it is efficient enough for everyday usage at home. If you are looking for a portable and energy-efficient AC for your home, then you should look no further than this product.

Although the AC is portable, it is a bit noisy. Technically, it produces the sound of 53.6 dB which is higher than usual in this category. However, if you can ignore the noise, this is a pretty great product for homes.

Other great features of the ARC-10WB include Self-evaporative system, extendable exhaust hose, and an antibacterial silver ion filter. In all, this product is a great buy for all those who were planning to buy a portable and feature-rich AC for their homes.

This is one of the best eco-friendly portable air conditioners. It operates without CFC being a problem to the environment, plus it is lead free.

Whynter ARC-10WB is EXTREMELY mobile and can be set up even in small spaces for it is light and compact. What is more is that it reduces energy consumption even with fast cooling capabilities.

Likewise, it recycles the moisture collected to cool the area through its self-evaporative ability. It also features an auto-restart program which turns it back on after a power out. View the product.


Kenmore 84106

8) Kenmore 84106 10000 BTU

This portable air conditioner is designed to provide comfort. Thus, Kenmore’s 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner aims to emanate a perfect air temperature suited to the consumer with its two fans and two cooling speeds.

It has a sleep mode function and temperature sensor to regulate the air’s condition to keep the desired preference of the buyer with its set up temperature in its respective operating schedule. Furthermore, it restarts automatically when a power outage intercepted.

And more, it is efficient and eco-friendly home appliance with its R410A refrigerant that does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. It is useful and eco-friendly, surely one of the best 10,000 BTU portable air conditioners. View the product.


Danby DPA100A1GD

9) Danby DPA100A1GD 10000 BTU

Danby’s 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner uses R410A refrigerant, thus categorizing it to one of the eco-friendly appliance. It has a single hose design.

It has two fan speeds: high and low affecting its variable temperatures of 17-30 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it is built with an automatic switch (on and off) designed to accommodate the buyers’ schedules. With the built-in handle and castors gives way to easy mobility of the unit.

Additionally, it can fit in sliding doors, sliders, and double hung windows without difficulty. View the product.


EdgeStar Smallest Footprint AP10002BL

10) EdgeStar Smallest Footprint AP10002BL 10000 BTU

With EdgeStar AP10002BL, you will hardly ever experience again the inconvenience of a hot summer. This air conditioner has both cooling and dehumidifier features that help ensure your home or office is cooler with better air quality. Unlike most air conditioners, EdgeStar AP10002BL uses intelligent technology to automatically restart in case of a power outage.

One of the greatest features of EdgeStar AP10002BL is its ability to offer 3 fan speeds. This means that as a user, you can choose a fan speed that suits your cooling need. Moreover, the air conditioner has a dehumidifier function, which allows it to reduce humidity in the air to desired levels. In addition to these functionalities, the EdgeStar AP10002BL is smaller in size but powerful enough to cool a large area of up to 300 square feet. Therefore, you can position this air conditioner in any place within your home without compromising your living space.

EdgeStar AP10002BL also uses little power despite its air conditioning capabilities. The air conditioner also uses intelligent technology that allows it to restart on its own and continue cooling the area where in case of power outage. This intelligent feature also enables EdgeStar AP10002BL to self-evaporate drainage and therefore, you do not need to manually drain the water. This means that it is easier to maintain EdgeStar AP10002BL.

EdgeStar AP10002BL measures 13.37 by 15.5 inches and has a height of 30.68 inches. This means that this air conditioner can be installed closer to a window without any difficulty. It also has a black casing to keep the internal components secure and guarantee users’ safety. Similarly, EdgeStar AP10002BL has an electronic control panel to allow its users to set their desired cooling settings. The unit also weighs 52.9 pounds and is easily portable.

The installation of EdgeStar AP10002BL does not require the services of an air conditioner professional. On the contrary, this air conditioner is shipped with easy to follow manual that enables the user to easily install it. The installation manual also highlights how the user can control this air conditioner. Importantly, the manufacturer cautions that children should not be allowed to install or control this air conditioning unit to guarantee their safety.

With regard to performance and power usage, the EdgeStar AP10002BL air conditioner functions properly on a 115 Volts power source and has a frequency of 60 Hz. The air conditioner also draws out a current of 9 Amps. EdgeStar AP10002BL has a 10000 British Thermal Unit (BTU) and can remove 2.5 pints of moisture in the air per hour. This air conditioner also has a minimum and maximum air flow of 118 and 177 CFM respectively.

EdgeStar AP10002BL has programmable features that enable it to save energy by operating only when you require it to cool your home or office. EdgeStar AP10002BL is capable of cooling your office or home before you even get there using its 24-hour time, which turns it on and off at specific times of the day or night.

EdgeStar AP10002BL has low noise levels, which mainly depends on the speed of its fan. When the fan settings are set to high, medium and low, it produces a noise level of 53 dB, 51 dB, and 49 dB respectively.

Other features of EdgeStar AP10002BL include the fact that it uses an eco-friendly refrigerant, R410A, which does not deplete the ozone. This air conditioner can also be controlled using a remote control.

Last but not the least is EdgeStar Smallest Footprint AP10002BL which takes up very little floor space.

This product has a dehumidification system, fully functional remote control, 24-hr timer, and auto drain exhaust feature.

It is an environmental friendly unit – meets new RoHS standards – that gives users relief during hot days through the coolness it provides the room.

You might be thinking that “there’s nothing special about it, why is it one of the best?” You’re wrong, all of that features are at the cost of $329.99. With its amazing features and price, this truly satisfies the buyer. View the product.



A 10000 BTU portable air conditioner covers up to 350 ft2 which is why it is essential to know the necessary BTU in respect to the room size to maximize efficiency. In addition, these are all portable and can be installed anywhere with their mobile built. The factors why they are the best portable air conditioners are: functionality (how efficient it works), prices (how the price fits to performance), and customer satisfaction (how it delights consumers). Furthermore, it is the air conditioner’s job to make the consumers feel at ease and these products fulfills its purpose excellently, thus making them the best.

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