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Amico Portable Air Conditioner Review: AP11000


Amico AP11000 | The Overview

Noise level is one of the things I look out for when searching for the best portable air conditioner. It’s normal for portable ACs to make noise so this is totally not much of a big concern if you’re thinking the sound may indicate damage.

Noise levels are measured in decibels. The higher the dBA rating level, the louder noise is produced.

The Amico Portable Air Conditioner model AP11000 is known for being a quiet machine. It is designed to give a peaceful and effective cooling to any room, with no need of perpetual establishment and loud noise that other portable air conditioners produce.

I got hooked with the word – quiet machine – so I investigated further. It certainly has only 48dBA making it one of the few portable air conditioners with the lowest noise rating!

It’s also good-to-know that its self-evaporative framework depletes a large portion of the condensate water, minimizing the need to manually drain the unit especially during humid conditions.

If you think you have to spare cash every time on lavish air filters, then you will be glad to realize that the Amico Power BTU AP11000 cooling system air conditioner highlights a simple to uninstall and reuse washable air filter. Air filter cleaning and removal is a breeze with the Amico Power AP11000 portable cooling system and best yet once more, there are no costly filters you have to supplant.

This air conditioner ain’t really noisy, and I wanted to emphasize on that once more. Most noise intolerant people will love how serene this unit works. So you know, many dorm dwellers have actually voiced their satisfaction with this model. Regarding ease of use in navigating its freshening and cooling system, etc to get it to work, it’s totally beginner friendly.

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Product Information

  • Price: $399.99
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 11,000
  • Cool Area (Sq. Ft.): 400
  • Item Weight: 55 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 31.3
  • Noise Level: 48 dBA
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 10.2
  • Exhaust Hose: Single
  • Warranty: 1 year

Read about BTU, EER, Noise Level and Exhaust Hose.

Design and Structure

The AMICO AP11000 is intended to condition rooms with an area of 400 sq. ft. With an assortment of imaginative peculiarities and capacities, you are certain to love everything that the Amico Power AP11000 11,000 BTU model brings to the table.

The Amico AP11000 works best for – medium to substantially wider – area at an estimated square feet of 350, despite the fact that the producer site says it can conceal a 400 ft.² room. Not just does this unit function as an AC yet it likewise goes with a dehumidifier (61 pints/day), and a fan.

The Amico AP11000 11,000 BTU Unit has a programmable off/on clock capacity, along with a remote control. Furthermore, it has an auto evaporative framework that works exceptionally well. The internal filter bucket only gets full once and a while. It won’t be a lot of a bother actually amid long periods of use.

Like most convenient air conditioners, this unit likewise has a capacity to caution you that your seepage is getting full. Running this unit for around 6 hours a day for pretty nearly a week scarcely topped off its inside can. This machine is likewise constructed to be eco-accommodating and runs on R-410A refrigerant.

With the Amico AP11000 portable air conditioner, you can set the timer to turn the unit on and off as needed; even when you are not there. For instance, put the unit to turn off after you leave in the morning for work and then turn back on before you come again. You will benefit from cool, comfy air when you get home without wasting energy cooling your home when no one is at home.

This portable air conditioner also comes with a window kit where you can expel exhaust all the way through a window just like the other units. Simply run it through the integrated exhaust hosepipe to the window following an easy-to-do installation instructions.

You can have the Amico AP11000 portable air conditioner ready to go in just a few minutes. Worth to mention, it also utilizes the cool air to keep the compressor temperature in control. The Amico AP11000 air conditioner is very powerful in its process and can run 24/7 without any trouble.

Pros of the air conditioner

  • Small in size
  • Auto Evaporation Function
  • Built in Casters
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Programmable Timer
  • Dehumidification Function
  • Easy Access Air Filter
  • Window Exhaust Kit Included

Cons of the air conditioner

  • Creates small negative pressure. If your room has multiple sources of heat, such as computer servers and direct sunlight, you have to reduce Air Conditioner coverage for best results.

liked Features I liked

While looking into an Amico AP11000 11,000 BTU unit, you may think that the reason for its evaluated price of being so low to the ground is that it may just be another awful item. In fact, that is by no means the real case.

Despite the low price for an 11,000 BTU unit, it performs really great. With this unit, frosty air turns out to rule the room fast. It makes an incredible display of cooling and getting the hot temperature off the room immediately with approximately 30°C down to 21°C in a few minutes.

Another awesome thing about this unit is its size (17 x 13 x 31.3). It’s not as large as most units around the same BTU power. Amico AP11000 has likewise a programmed altering mode that permits you to consequently switch to either AC or fan mode. As a matter of information, it may be situated at 82°F by default yet you can without much of a stretch change this setting.

With everything taken into account, this unit addresses needs outstandingly well and the accompanying features are the alluring peculiarities.

  • The coolant carries a warranty of 1 year, which is sufficient to safeguard its life span. AMICO warrants that the Amico Air Products that goes with it to be free of defects in material for the applications detailed in its operation guideline for a time of 1 year from the date of purchase in the US.
  • The cost is lesser and you may find the cost to be manageable in trade for a brand new unit so to achieve comforting cool air.
  • The feature of dehumidification controls the moistness keeping the climate inside the room new and fresh.
  • The ventilation system meets expectations and works quietly, delivering low noise.
  • The seepage of this coolant is controlled by an evaporative feature, so until or unless you have some intense damp conditions, emptying won’t be an issue.
  • For a room of up to 400 square foot size, this model remains to offer impeccable cooling but you may need an additional cover in the event that you are not affectionate with a nippy eve
  • You can easily install this air conditioner just by reading the installation manual as it doesn’t require you to have technical knowledge to do so.
  • The machine is little, versatile yet powerful.
  • The smooth outline of the coolant doesn’t oblige much space and looks elegant.
  • Very great air yield; heaps of volume and weight
  • Very icy cooling output; regardless of the possibility that you move it to a totally open front room zone; cool air can remain intact
  • Easy to move around with the casters that goes along with the unit
  • Technical features that are specified on the item’s portrayal sounds completely fantastic.

liked Features I didn’t liked

To be completely forthright, at this cost, there isn’t much to not like. This unit can be really astonishing to be included in our best of portable air conditioners.


With everything taken into account, its users will be satisfied with this machine and would recommend it to others. It’s extremely uncommon to see any quality multi-function unit at this measure of BTU power at a very affordable price.

Generally, it is a complete bundle for cooling needs. I really appreciate how it can cool down room temperature in less than ten minutes.

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